Common name:

Seaweed Gracilaria Pelillo

Agar gracilaria macroalgae aquaculture is an ancient activity that has been developed mainly in Asian countries, where they form an important part of people’s diets.  On the contrary, in the West macroalgae are mainly marketed as raw material to be used in the phycocolloids industry, which are natural polymers that confer volume, texture and viscosity to a wide range of products in the cosmetic, medical and food industries. .  Its use as “bioextractive species” has also been proposed in environments affected by the increase in organic matter and nutrients on the coast associated with intensive aquaculture (eg Salmonicultur Red algae for industry. Carrageenan for its use in the manufacture of dairy products Although it is also used in the textile industry, in cosmetics, in pharmacy, in typography, and others, both substances are chemically related and have suspending, emulsifying, stabilizing, and gelling properties, while considering their direct consumption (fresh seaweed) due to their high degree in proteins and carbohydrates.- Packed in transparent plastic bags with the weight according to the client, packed in boxes with stipulated weight.

 Store at room temperature in a dry place.  Keep away from direct sunlight and direct contact with the ground.  Once opened store in an airtight container in a dry place and consume before the date of consumption

preferred – Intended use: Prior preparation of hydration and/or cooking is required.

– Hydration: Immerse yourself in water for 5 minutes.  Once hydrated, it increases 6 times its weight dry

– Cook and use: For 20 minutes and use in salads, scrambled eggs, soups, creams, stews and casseroles.  Battered and fried.  As a thickener and stabilizer in the preparation of sauces, jams and desserts.

– Intention to consume: General public, except babies and young children.

Final destination:

In supermarkets, fruit and vegetable sections and/or organic products section; Specialized food stores, organic stores, greengrocers, herbalists and gourmets, national and international

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